Last time, Hu Jia kidnapped by policeman—-Jinyan’s seeking



21 March 2006


Hu Jia was born in Beijing on 25 July 1973. His registered name on Hukou is 胡嘉, although the alias胡佳 is more commonly used. His family originated from Wuhu, Anhui Province, and was labeled as “rightist” in Mao’s era. Both his parents are 70.

As a devout Buddhist, Hu Jia has been a vegetarian since 1989.

Hu Jia became an environmental activist in 1996, first participating in the anti-desertification campaigns in Engebei Dessert (Inner Mongolia). He then worked as a coordinator for University Green Camps to advocate public awareness of environmental protection and established websites dedicated to the cause. He had traveled to the Tibetan Plateau in an effort to protect Tibetan antelopes. A seasoned member of Friends of Nature, the largest environmental organization in China, Hu Jia had also stationed as representative for Friend of the Earth (HK) in Beijing.

Hu Jia has been an AIDS activist since 2001. He is co-founder of Beijing Aizhixing Institute of Health Education and Loving Source, a grassroots organization dedicated to help children from AIDS families. He traveled extensively in AIDS-stricken villages and campaigned for better protection of the rights for people with HIV/AIDS.

For the last three years, his attention focuses on socially under-privileged groups who suffer injustice and ill treatment. He never hesitates in helping those in need of it and he dares to speak out the truth.


Since 2004, Hu Jia has been routinely subject to arbitrary detention by the State Security Police (SSP) of Chaoyang and Tongzhou Districts. Full details are not presented here for lack of complete records. Below are the cases of abuse of basic human rights against Hu Jia in 2006, as documented by his wife:

1. 9 – 22 January 2006: Tongzhou District SSP put Hu Jia under house arrest and surveillance without producing any legal warrant. Hu Jia was not allowed to leave home. To travel for emergent reasons, he must obtain permission from and be accompanied by SSP agents.

2. 9 February 2006: Tongzhou District SSP put Hu Jia under house arrest without producing any legal warrant. He was not allowed to leave home.

3. 11 – 16 February 2006: Tongzhou District SSP put Hu Jia under house arrest and surveillance without producing any legal warrant. Hu Jia was not allowed to leave home. To travel for emergent reasons, he must obtain permission from and be accompanied by SSP agents.

4. Since 16 February 2006: Hu Jia disappeared while under tight residential surveillance by the Tongzhou District SSP. His whereabouts are unclear and his family received no legal warrant or unofficial notification from the authorities.

9 A.M. 16 February 2006: Upon leaving for work, Hu Jia’s wife was greeted by SSP agent Yang Chuntao, who was in charge of the surveillance. He claimed that if his superiors granted permission, he would travel with Hu Jia to an AIDS meeting, to be held near the West 4th-Ring Road. Without such permission, Hu Jia must be subject to house arrest and stay at home.

9:10 A.M. Hu Jia and his mother had a brief telephone conversation.

9:46 A.M. Hu Jia’s wife failed to get in touch with him on the telephone. Subsequent contacts with his neighbours, landlord and the AIDS organization revealed no clue of his whereabouts. Hu Jia’s wife inquired with the SSP over the telephone but both agent Yang Chuntao and chief agent Xu denied any knowledge of Hu Jia’s whereabouts. The SSP team (6-10 of them) outside their apartment left without notice.

There was no sign of fighting when Hu Jia went missing. He left without taking his daily necessities, medication or clothing.

On February 21, 2006, Hu Jia’s family reported Hu Jia’s disappearance to the Liu police station and Tongzhou Zhongcang police station in person. Liu police station didn’t accept the report.

On February 23, 2006, the Internal Safeguard police Yang Chuntao and other policemen called Hu Jia’s neighbor to ask about Hu Jia’s wife’s situation (according to the neighbor, they asked about her health condition or if Hu Jia’s wife’s health was in danger at that time.)

On February 27, 2006, Hu Jia’s family brought the medicine for curing Hepatitis B, which Hu Jia needs to take everyday, as well as a change of clothes to the Tongzhou Public Security Branch. The Internal Safeguard Detachment police officer, Wang (A plainclothes policeman) received us. He didn’t accept the clothes or medicine, and denied they took Hu Jia.

On March 2, 2006, Hu Jia’s family went to the Zhongcang police station and asked about the status of searching for Hu Jia. The police answered: they would inform the family if they have any information. However, since Hu Jia’s disappearance until now, the police station has never requested any statement from the family, nor has taken any action towards looking for him.

On March 2, 2006, Hu Jia’s family went to the Tongzhou Public Security’s Appeal Office, filled in an appeal form to ask the Internal Safeguard police Yang Chuntao as well as others to explain what happened on the morning of Feb.16th; asked the Chuncang police station to placed the case on file for searching for the missing person, Hu Jia; asked the Internal Safeguard Detachment free Hu Jia unless they showed the law file to prove that Hu Jia committed any crimes and showed the law document for detaining Hu JIa. Until March 19, 2006, the Appeal Office hasn’t given any reply.

On march 9, 2006, Hu Jia’s family visited Beijing Security Office. The petitions office received his family. They asked them to fill a petition form. Hu’s family requested via the form/s the following: Yang Chuntao (the national security office), to explain what took place the morning of February 16, the status of missing person request to Zhongcang police office , and asked national security office to release Hu Jia unless they can prove that Hu has committed crimes and show them legal detention document. But until March 19, 2006, the petitions office still has not responded to them.

On March 11, 2006, Hu Jia’s credit card was sent to property office by a stranger.

On March 17, 2006, Hu’s family submitted an accusation document to People’s Procuratorate in Tongzhou District. They accused the security office’s illegal detention and the police office’s misconduct. The officers of the procuratorate asked Hu’s family to solve the problem in the security office. They haven’t given any written reply since then.

Hu’s family has called the National Security Office almost every day, but they haven’t received any reply.

The Hu family’s wishes

Since Hu’s health is not well, his family is deeply worried about him. . His family thinks that the longer Hu is missing, the more dangerous it is. They are especially anxious that Hu might be tortured as he received several times last year. He was beaten on the face with fists six times by plainclothes police of National Security Office, which caused serious injuries on his face. So his family wish Hu can return home soon

We wish:

1.Beijing police station and National Security Team of Public Security Office of Tongzhou District can explain the event happened on the morning of February 16, 2006 in detail.

2. The police station and security office have a case record a of missing people to look for Hu Jia. The security office is responsible and obligated for citizens’ safety. They are responsible for missing personss because it is a case of a normal adult’s unusual missing.

3. Immediately release Hu Jia, whether he was taken away by the National Security Team of Public Security Office of Tongzhou District, Beijing City, or by other departments with their assistance.

4. Unless the police have evidence to prove Hu commited crimes and show legal documents, they cannot legally stake Hu away and detain him.

5. National Judicial Department has to investigate the illegal conducts of related departmenst and people in charge, for example, having no response and illegal detention.

6.If the above wishes are not responded at once by China’s related department, the Hu family’s only option is to take the case to court.


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