The Olympics and Dissent: Taping Over the Cracks

An article of the 30th Jan from TIME China blog. A little late I know but still…!

This is a picture of China’s youngest political prisoner, as she has been dubbed evocatively, Hu Qianci, daughter of activists Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan, about whom we have written often. It’s from Zeng’s blog (here, though as ever those inside China have to watch out for GFW), which she is still managing to update despite being held under house arrest, something that sounds fairly benign but probably means she has up to six police living in her apartment with her. [continues…]

One response to “The Olympics and Dissent: Taping Over the Cracks

  1. This is taken from today’s (9 Feb 08) Guardian about Internet censorship in China:

    “At a national level, the State Council Information Office – which overseas the internet – can still exert a tight grip. The recent detention of human rights campaigner Hu Jia and the house arrest of his wife and two-month-old daughter made headlines around the world. In China, it is as if it never happened. The two main news portals, Sina and Sohu, make no mention of the case. Searches on Baidu and Google produce a list of pages, many of which are blocked. Others are censored by the search engines themselves, but only Google admits this alongside the results. The authorities keep a permanent block on some sites, such as BBC news, Amnesty or non-government sources of information on Tibet, Taiwan, the Tiananmen Square massacre and Falun Gong. Propaganda officials send weekly lists of restricted topics to web administrators, who are then expected to censor themselves. ”

    Here is the link:

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