Zheng Mingfan and netizen support Hu Jia

Human rights defender,the petitioner Zheng Mingfang, who is from Tianjin, is almost blinded due to brutal beaten by the authority. In January she started to support Hu Jia using all kinds of methods, including introducing Hu Jia’s endeavors to people in the street. Up to now she has collected hundreds of signatures to call for the release Hu Jia, even from one communist cadre who wanted to grant 100RMB to her and said, he is very sorry and didn’t know these political prisoners were in such a difficult situation; “This government is so dark and always uses hoodlum approaches. I’m very angry and want to stand with you.”

Zheng Mingfang is also one who has accepted the help from Hu Jua. Several months ago, Hu Jia drove to Tianjin and sent a lot milk and instant noodles to her and her husband; they spent two days without rice to cook.Hu Jia actually was placed under house in that time and broke through the blockade but was followed by two cars with policemen all the time. Zheng Mingfang condemned the current authority and wrote a public letter To Hu Jia in Prison on internet, this letter declaimed that she will stand with him and use her life to protect human rights.

At the same time, many netizens called for and support this couple although they haven’t seen them, using indirect or brunt words to condemn the persecution.

One active netizen (it is inconvenient to publish his name) said he had been interviewed by the security policeman recently. He had called for the Beijing government to release Hu Jia immediately in his blog, and attached this couple’s picture and wrote: Chinese citizen are welcoming Olympic with handcuffs under the post.

This blogger said, at beginning he was curious about why this couple’s information was blocked by the authority. Through proxy he found out the truth and started to support this couple, not only from a humaine perspective, but also because he realized that in this country, without just human rights, the same thing will happen on him on some day: “Many people didn’t know this couple initially, but after saw the video “Prisoners in Freedom City”were moved. Young people are curious and want to know the truth. This couple are honesty, upright citizens with love and consciousness, they are mistreated and intruded one by the government use of public rights, wrongly charged, if you don’t take any action, tomorrow, you, as honesty, upright citizen with love and consciousness also will be treated like this couple by the authority.” I built the blog to spread this information and later these words were deleted artificially.

Right now the current authority has banned any information of Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan, while the voice of support has surpassed the Chinese group on internet. There are more than 25000 clicks on their video “Prisoners in Freedom City”on youtube, and more than two hundred people entered the facebook website page which also supports Hu Jia.

Please see The public letter to Hu Jia in prison from Zheng Mingfang, and pictures of Zheng Mingfang and signatures.


See a copy of the translated version “here


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