Here is an update on news –

Hu Jia’s case has sent to people’s procuratorate, the lawyer went through the process on March 7th.

On that night, the lawyer Li Pingfang said, “The case has gone to procuratorate, the prosecutor’s first name is Zhang.  Lawyer Li Jingsong transacts all the process and they should arrange a meeting between Hu Jia and lawyer. The prosecutor has said clearly, this case will send to court in a short time.”

The policeman has told Zeng Jingyan on March 6, Hu Jia’s case has sent to procuratorate, and based on the case, Hu would be put into jail for five years. He has two criminal behavior, the first is in his public articles, some speeches attack the government; the second is in the interviews when he was interviewed by journalists, some speeches attack

But the lawyer Li Fangping said, from his opinion, this is policeman’s point view, the case should be judged in judicial processing. Whether this case is criminal, there is a big dispute.

Zeng has told policeman in detail, Hu Jia is not in the early stage of hepatocirrhosis but the late stage. She wants the public know that she still doesn’t certainly know if Hu get the medicine on time during in these two months, she is very worried about the virus has broke out but no distinct surface symptom, Hu’s life and health are in risk. She has required the policeman, face to face, shorten the time of Hu’s physical check in the case of have a chance to get the disease change.

Also Jinyan’s MSN Blog has been updated with a series of photo of police cars outside their house and a photo of a letter which is being translated currently.


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