Shanghai’s petitioners support Hu Jia

Shanghai’s petitioners went on a hunger strike to call for Hu Jia’s release once more. 
The tenth hunger strike day, on March 15, 2008, Saturday, sunny 
During the eleventh CPPCC and NPC, the news that Hu Jia will be charged on March 18, was spread silently. 

Hu Jia is one more Chinese who retains a consciousness and a high morality and who defends human rights after Gao Zhisheng and Guo Feixiong who have already lost their freedom. This is also one more case to help the world realise the truth in China. He is a human rights defender who will be charged as five-year prisoner.   

Due to his advocating the truth in China through media, Hu Jia has been kidnapped, placed under house and detained by secret policemen many times, and even got hepatocirrhosis; which reminds us that the petitioner Duan Huiming, who has a strong body was beaten to death, Chen Xiaoming who was kidnapped and put into prison and then died due to lack of medicine and cure for his hepatitis B. Also we remember Gao Zhisheng and Guo Feixiong who were mistreated by a horrendous and cruel penalty. 

We are very worried about Hu Jia and his life, and therefore called for the national leaders, Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Wu Bangguo to help and show their consciousness in releasing Hu Jia:

Hu Jia loves his country and the Chinese people, without any motivation to incite and subvert the national power: for he has no capacity to do this, he just has a deep sympathy for Chinese bitter people and upright consciousness, and is brave enough to face and tell the truth.   

For the excellent Chinese human right defender, for his health and life, for his little daughter, for the social justice; 

We, Shanghais’ petitioners appeal for releasing Hu Jia once again, please release Hu Jia without requirement, and keep your word — one world, one dream. Don’t make another wrong case and neglect the legal responsibility.  

Hu Jia is a proud Chinese!


2 responses to “Shanghai’s petitioners support Hu Jia

  1. I’m just an average working American citizen. I feel deeply for my fellows, no matter the country or planet for that matter. It appalls me that people are caged like animals for thinking and speaking. What can I do to help?

  2. this is totally nonsense that Hu jia was given 3 AND HALF year imprisonment. i think chinese people should help him since he is innocent citizen of china and world as whole and should think about his work
    and achievements

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