Hu Jia sentenced three years and six months

On April 3, 10am, Beijing Time, Beijing 1st Middle Court sentenced Hu Jia for three years and six months. Hu Jia’s wife and his half year old daughter were allowed to enter the court. Hundreds of others were not admitted, including about 50 foreign reporters.

more pictures and video

from: boxun news

7 responses to “Hu Jia sentenced three years and six months

  1. I’m italian; I don’t know you; but I know that defending a terroristic cause as like dalailama’s medieval cause is, is a shame. If the Law have punished you, I’m happy; learn to distinguish just causes from fraud, if you want to be a justice’s defender.

  2. hujiaandjinyan

    We could have deleted your comment but then again that would have been unfair in your regards and no better than those who stand against truth and human rights. The freedom to express one’s opinion it the most basic of all freedoms and therefore unassailable.

    We did delete the italian comment but only as you kindly provided and english version, on the same note please forgive us if we may have deleted some other comment in any language other than english – We are trying to provide information to all but have to stick to english for simplicity.

    Replying to your comment we are glad that although you don’t know Hu Jia, Jinyan Zeng and their plight, you took the time to comment. Our next hope is that you may find the time to read up on their story and so come to realise that they are not who you think but only people who deeply love their country and their people and who are willing to own up to the good and bad that is present. Currently admitting to the bad and trying to change it purely through information and love will end you with a jail sentence; we can but hope that soon this will not be the case…

    Regarding the Dalai Lama’s cause (or more exactly the cause of Tibet) this is not the place for an exchange of ideas – there are plenty around the net which will willing to side with/ fight against your ideas if you wish.

  3. I have signed the petition at Amnesty and another to Gordon Brown. I have also submitted this blog to a number of user-submitted news sites. Lets hope Hu Jia’s voice and cause is heard as widely as possible.

    Very Best wishes,

    Nick, UK

  4. I’ve not ideas; I think one law is valid all around the world: when you burn or kill innocent persons, you are a rioter; when you support this acts by a RACIST cause, you are a TERRORIST; I think this rule is valid in ALL THE WORLD. I hope you had misunderstood what you are supporting… I’m not chinese, not communist, I only love TRUTH.

  5. And in the year of the Olympic Games, this is not an insult only for China, but even for the Olympic Spirit of Peoples’ Peace. For me, too, last World’s citizen. Only this reason made me express as I did. Best regards.

  6. I’m Renzo, I’m italian. I’m not so good in english. But I know you; I know your story and I know that you are a justice’s defender, an hero. I will pray for you, for a freedom in “freedom city”.
    Free Hu Jia

  7. hujiaandjinyan

    Pierluigi, maybe you’re blind your eyes by media, and I’ll tell you there will be another possible, those people who intrude the innocent persons are pretended by policeman and some hoodlums; you should check more and see throught the whole case….

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