Urgent, is Hu Jia still alive?

His illnesses

          He  has been a long term sufferer from hepatitis B (apparently a long term illness)

          He also suffers from cirrhosis of the liver, possibly triggered by his 41 day detention by the guobao police in 2006.  I think liver cirrhosis is a complication that can develop from hepatitis B. The illness was discovered after his release in 2006. He had not been given medication and he had staged a hunger strike initially during this detention.

Major concerns now

     No clear understanding of the state of his health. He may not have had a health check since he was first detained on 27 December 2007. There was a report that he got a health check at some point during trial detention, but what is certain is that neither he himself, nor his lawyers, nor his family were ever told of the results.

          Insufficient medication – he receives one kind of medicine but apparently he would need more. He would require a doctor’s advice on what further medication he should be taking.

          Insufficient food. Hu Jia is a Buddhist and vegetarian and he needs to eat a lot of vegetables and eggs, soy products etc. to stay healthy. But it seems that he scarcely gets any of those and Jinyan thinks he probably lives on mantou and rice gruel. Once some vegetables (cucumber) and sesame sauce were smuggled to him and his reaction showed how much he needed such better food.

          General conditions in detention: sleep deprivation, deprivation of fresh air, physical and mental strain e.g. as a consequence of the ‘education’ sessions he has to go through. We know Hu Jia went through 48 6-14 hour interrogation/ thought education sessions in the first two months, they all began in the evenings and went on into the night. He also had to participate in the detention centre exercises (described in the text by Jinyan in which she comments on the verdict). 

          His appearance is alarming. For one thing, the lawyers and Jinyan have observed him to be unusually apathetic and unwilling to answer questions. Then Lawyer Li Jinsong reported that he had ‘confessed’ and so on. And his face appeared grey/pale to others. He also said to lawyer Li Fangping that he was barely able to bear it any longer.


from: http://www.zengjinyan.org/archives/130  enforce Hu Jia’s rights to hospital


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