RSF Prize

Finally, with just a few months to go before the opening of the Beijing Olympics, Reporters Without Borders has awarded a special “China” prize to husband-and-wife human rights team Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan, who are under house arrest. Holed up at home the two activists nevertheless continue to do their best to keep the entire world up to date with damaging effects on the Chinese people of the preparations for the Olympic Games.

RSF Article


2 responses to “RSF Prize

  1. This special prize actually relats to a (now outdated) RSF report from November 2007, available here:

    This explains why the report refers to both Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan as still being “under house arrest.”

  2. hujiaandjinyan

    Pardon us! :o) Search engine date problem…!

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