Amnesty International Steps Up Pressure on China

From VOA News 8th May 2008
Amnesty International is stepping up its criticism of China’s human rights record as the opening of the summer Olympic Games approaches. With just three months to go before the opening ceremony, Amnesty said Thursday that China is intensifying its crackdown on human rights activists and those critical of the Beijing government. VOA correspondent Meredith Buel reports from Washington.

T. Kumar, the Advocacy Director for Asia at Amnesty International, told reporters during a teleconference that there has been a significant erosion of human rights in China as the beginning of the games approaches.

“It is only three months until the Olympic Games begin in Beijing and China’s human rights landscape remains as bleak as ever. In fact hosting the Olympic games has become a thinly veiled excuse to crackdown on freedom of expression and assembly,” he said.[continues…]


One response to “Amnesty International Steps Up Pressure on China

  1. Couldn’t find where on your website to contact you … anyway thought you might be interested in this news if you have not already heard it … Hu Jia has been transferred to a different prison. see:

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