Imprisoned Activist Hu Jia Still Denied Access to Adequate Medical Care

CHRD (Chinese Human Rights Defenders, June 12, 2008) –

Imprisoned human rights defender Hu Jia (胡佳) continues to be denied access to adequate medical care.

Hu is in poor health and suffers from liver cirrhosis. Since his incarceration, Hu has had one physical check-up in late May, but neither he nor his family has been given access to the results. Authorities initially said that the results were ‘being examined’ and therefore not yet available. Later, the authorities said Hu’s health has “improved” without presenting evidence to support this claim. Hu’s family said Hu did not look well when they visited him on June 5.

The prison authorities also told Hu’s family that, according to the relevant Chinese law, unless he is so ill that his life is in immediate danger, sufferers of serious chronic illnesses would not be granted release for medical treatment until he has served a third of his sentence. Since the authorities have monopolized access to Hu’s current medical records, it is impossible for his family to dispute the authorities’ decision if and when they refuse to release Hu on medical grounds. [continues…]


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