Jinyan is back

As we all expected Jinyan is back coinciding with the end of the Olympic games. Below is the translation of her latest post on her blog dated today, 25th August 2008.

August 7 was sent to Tianjin see Hu Jia, 8 were sent to Dalian, 23 were sent back to Beijing home. 16 days I do not know the world, for friends concerned about your baby and I have a safe home. Home remains the same, plainclothes officers in the yard Wai Gekoudaizhao.

August 7 has become increasingly Hu Jia, that his recent prison Jiaxin been confiscated. Now he still has not received the Jiaxin, may be the situation does not improve.
Yu Zhengke prison staff said: prison inmates to conduct a public trial when the General Assembly (according to prison staff, the public trial of the General Assembly is in prison again at fault, the law of prisoners to a form of dictatorship, all the inmates to watch As education), Hu Jia said that the practice a violation of prison inmates in the dignity and human rights, not only to the prison, inmates are between the dissemination of the relevant views to the prison difficult to meet the families of prison to persuade Hu Jia And not too one-sided view of the matter is brought about a “negative impact.”

Subsequently learned that Hu Jia was “arranged” in the sun alone sweeping leaves, sweeping seven hours a day, was accompanied by Yu You have to sweep. Hu Jia earlier I gave the book “international conventions on human rights and the protection of human rights offenders prison in China” (Chinese procuratorial Publishing House, the Ministry of Justice to the book), was returned to prison confiscation of family members. Jiaxin confiscated and not returned to Hu Jia.

Hu Jia were normal times a week to the parents, and baby at least I wrote a letter, but the August 1 date, we have not received a Jiaxin, a bit strange. Now I do not know yet the next meeting with Hu Jia What is the time, only for as soon as possible. Prison has not given us the families of the meeting notice before the meeting, the National Health Insurance’s argument as “special meeting.”

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