Sakharov Prize 2008: three finalists chosen

Just an update from the post below, Hu Jia has been choosen as one of the 3 finalists for the Sakharov prize:

Hu Jia – Chinese campaigner for civil rights, environmental protection and AIDS advocacy. Following his testimony on human rights in China, given on 26 November 2007 via conference call to the EP’s Human Rights Subcommittee, Hu Jia was arrested, charged with “inciting subversion of state power” and sentenced to three-and-a-half years’ in jail.

Aleksandr Kozulin – Former presidential candidate in Belarus. According to the nomination, “Aleksandr Kozulin has shown great courage to withstand the regime’s actions and to fight for freedom of thought and expression and basic civil rights. In 2006, during the presidential campaign, he was beaten several times, detained and finally sentenced to five and a half years of imprisonment”.

Apollinaire Malu Malu – Chair of the Independent Electoral Commission of Democratic Republic of Congo. The nomination praises “his efforts in making dialogue prevail over violence during the Goma conference [aimed at bringing peace to the DRC provinces of North and South Kivu] and for dedicating his wisdom and experience to realising these principles throughout his career”.

Winner to be chosen in October

The Conference of Presidents will select the winner in mid-October and the prize will be awarded to the laureate in Strasbourg on 17 December. In addition to the title, the winner receives the sum of €50,000.

One response to “Sakharov Prize 2008: three finalists chosen

  1. We Europeans don’t have the monopoly on the truth. What is good for us doesn’t mean this might be good for other countries. It is very easy to fingerpoint to China. We have our bad things too. The way China is developing now deserves our depest respect. And how will we react to people or groups who are fighting against democracy? So far in the name of democracy we showed the best in us by our involvement in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay etc etc .
    It is probably better to show our respect to each other , after all as friends we will find much more understanding .

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