Hu Jia’s prison transfer confirmed

last week I received a prison entry notification which confirmed that Hu Jia had been transferred to Beijing Municipal Prison (北京市监狱) on midday, October 10th. I made a phonecall to the prison staff and was told that I can’t see Hu Jia this month and should wait for notification about when I can see him. I will strive for seeing Hu Jia, I will strive for going there with our child every month.

Baobao will soon be one year old, she can make a dozen or so staggering steps of her own, got her ninth tooth, likes cats and goes to see the wild cats in the courtyard almost every day. When she sees them, she laughs happily, she would like to touch them but is also very nervous about it, putting her small hand into her mouth. If Hu Jia could see her, he would certainly be very glad!

From Justrecently,, October 19th

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