China : News Last Updated: Apr 25, 2009 – 2:32:31 AM My Visit With My Husband Jailed Rights Activist Hu Jia on Wednesday April 22

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Apr 25, 2009 – 2:31:06 AM

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My Visit With My Husband Jailed Rights Activist Hu Jia on Wednesday April 22
by Zeng Jinyan

I rise early, wash and comb my hair, and get the baby ready to go. I tell her that today we are going to see Papa, and she points to the picture on the wall.

I get on the road to Beijing with Hu Jia’s mother, and we are chatting. I take the exit at Tuanhe. This used to be a playground for the Qing Dynasty emperors. Now it is the site of the Beijing Prison.

When we finish registering Hu Jia is already in the meeting room. Hu Jia has gotten much skinnier. In the course of a single month his face seems to have gotten much more gaunt. The speaker doesn’t work well and breaks down several times. The glass if filthy, we cannot see each other clearly. He says he has no appetite. I ask if he can eat eggs, he says at most once or twice a week. He doesn’t eat with the other prisoners, instead is fed a special vegetarian diet.

I am very worried. In 2006 when he was detained for 41 days, he came back with cirrhosis of the liver and had to be admitted to the hospital. Maybe he is sick again?

The prison has gotten much stricter on us. They will not approve the books I bring, and our letters are heavily censored.

We are not allowed to discuss any current affairs, and it inconvenient to discuss household affairs with so many guards listening.

Suddenly the telephone cuts off. Our half hour is up. We have said little. I regret that I did not just let our child play with her father instead.

When we get home my mother-in-law and I both call the police and the prison, trying to ensure that Hu gets proper medical treatment and that their rules regarding reading material, letters, and daily use items are enforced. But the responsible people are not at work.
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