Zheng Mingfang’s open support letter

Respected Hu Jia,

Due to the fact that you can’t receive my letter, I wrote this public letter to you. On December 27, 2007, the Tianjin intermediate people’s courts reject my appeal again and I wanted to let you know, but couldn’t get in contact with you, and I thought you must be very busy in working.

When, the next morning, the petitioners in Beijing told me you had been arrested by the government, I was shocked for a while, which also shocked the petitioners in Taijin. We all look up to you as our models, just like the name of your daughter, in Chinese it means who chest all kinds and mercy. Now that you have been arrested by a hoodlum government, we all feel resentment.

You must remember our meeting before you were arrested, in that time Jinyan had just given birth was but was still working, and I blamed you for not knowing how to protect her own body. When I saw back on June 24, 2007, when I was under house arrest for almost seven months, they spent 2 millionRMB in playing with prostitutes, betting, feasting every day and fighting with black society, my paralysed husband and I hadn’t eat anything in two days, you drove seventy kilometers to help us although being following by security policemen. We respect you so much due to your good deeds.

Now, what I’m most worried about is about your health. My body is so strong but has beaten to be blind and muscular necrosis, how can you bear those crucial persecutions? Now my husband collects rotten vegetables on a wheelchair every day and I collect signatures to support you in the street and we cook rotten vegetables at night to eat, and then I pray for you every day, hope you can return safely on one day.

Hu Jia, no matter which charge the hoodlum government faked on you, I insist on believing you won’t give up and bow your head to the evil. I will stand with you, struggle for democracy and defend human rights. We have the great honor to guard our human rights with our lives.

Chinese human rights defender: Zheng Mingfang

Feb. 6, 2008

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