Links & Friends

Here below are some Links to relevant sites and to friends’ sites. If you have any you would like to add please feel free to let us know!

Civic China : Peter Marolt & Sophia Ong share their experiences and information from Beijing.

China HRW : The chinese section of “Human Rights Watch

China View : News, reports about China and Chinese people’s living condition

CHRD : Chinese Human Rights Defenders

HRIC : Human Rights in China, also has a bulletin on Hu Jia and Jinyan

Radio Free Asia : Free press in East Asia

Radio Free China : Human Rights and Religious Freedom News

Reporters without Borders : Asia page

Uncensor : Activism against China’s Net Censorship


6 responses to “Links & Friends

  1. vanessa mitchell

    I want to help Hu Jia and his wife and baby. Please tell me how?

  2. I want too to help Hu Jia and his wife and baby. Please tell me how?

  3. I might be Downunda Oz…but you have my full support and best wishes…with respect to all..

  4. Want to take action on China’s ongoing human rights abuses? Check out Amnesty International’s microsite

    Help in the campaign by signing the pledge – at – and send a message to the Chinese Government that censorship is unacceptable or add an uncensor badge – at – to your blog or website. Human rights matter.

  5. does anyone know what has happened to Zeng Jinyan?

  6. how’s the organization of Hu Jia called, in which he participated for the AIDS orphans??
    I want to take my hat off for Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan, for their work and their efforts for more human rights in china. It’s worth it to fight for it ! I’m fully convienced that all this work is going to fructify… Hu Jia has deserved the SacharowPrize!
    Go on with this work, good luck 🙂
    Bini, with greets from Germany

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