Here are a number of letters and petitions which can be signed or emailed to show your support towards the plight of Hu Jia and Jinyan Zeng:

Call on the Chinese Minister of Justice to release Hu Jia – AI USA Petition – July 2008

Open letter to China’s President Hu Jintao – by A.I. Secretary General – July 2008

Letter to end the harassment of Zeng Jinyan, Tsering Woeser and Li Jianhong – March 2008

Petition from Committee for Asian Women to release Human Rights defenders – 28 January 2008

Ready made letter from Amnesty Int to free Hu Jia. – 13 February 2008

Petition from “www.I save (Amnesty Int.) – 01 February 2008

Petition Demanding Immediate Release of Beijing Human Rights Activist Hu Jia – 31 January 2008

Letter to be emailed to the Chinese Olympic Games Committee – 29 January 2008

Open Letter sent to Gordon Brown – 20 January 2008


3 responses to “Petitions

  1. This is a great blog and a really good help for us outside of China who don’t understand Chinese but still want to know what’s happening.
    I’m a member of an Amnesty group in Lund in the south of Sweden. Tomorrow Feb 8 we are organising an event in the Main Square asking passersby to sign a petition based on the Amnesty Urgent Action above. Next week we are visiting a local secondary school to talk about Human Rights and will bring up the case there. Hopefully it’s of some help for Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan.

  2. Congratulations with the Sacharovprize! You are a great person and the people of China will have a more human live, with love and respect for every man, woman or child, born or not yet born. Because that’s what we all desire, wherever we live.

  3. With great respect towards Mr. Hu Jia and Ms. Zeng Jinyan, I deeply admire them of what they have done for Chinese people and the brave they had. As a oversea Chinese, I feel sorry and hurt for them. I agree with their perspectives towards Chinese government; however, I believe the way they talk about China was ‘too’ selfless. Think about this, if one can not even protect yourself, how can he or she help others? Give China some time, it is gradually changing. I had never been a volunteer for AIDS in China, maybe what I said is too shallow, but it is my own thoughts. I wish them all best. In addition, I do not think CCP will change much in a short period of time since they have one of the strongest and largest armyforces in the world.

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